Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Yas Marina - Abu Dhabi 2014

The next day we headed out nice and early to go and visit one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. It's called the sheikh Zayed grand mosque. Sheikh Zayed is the man who founded the country and made it what it is today, so in his honor they built this huge mosque and once he died, this is where he was buried. 

Because its a holy place, men and women have to be covered (more so the women than the men). So I had to wear what's called a Abaya This was so so hot to wear, I actually nearly fainted at one point!

Some beautiful pictures from the outside of the mosque 

After that (once I had cooled down a little!) We headed to get some lunch. My boyfriend is obsessed with this traditional Abu Dhabi food called a shawarma - and I must say they are pretty tasty! As you can't really get them in the UK, we rushed to somewhere we knew we could definitely get them. 

After deliberating for ages about where to go and eat them, we decided to head for somewhere that I have wanted to go for years. As a Formula 1 fan, one of my fav races to watch is the Abu Dhabi one. I have always admired just how beautiful and pristine the track is. So where best to head to eat then?!

Our view of the Marina inside the race track (more blogging to come about the race track soon! I got to actually go on it!!!) 

P.S I have split everything up, so there will be 5 parts all together for Abu Dhabi! Hope you all enjoy! 

"History is a continuous chain of events. The present is only an extension of the past"

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyam 

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