Monday, 28 April 2014

Arriving in Abu Dhabi 2014


Yep, I am back from an amazing two weeks in Abu Dhabi. Back to a rather cold and miserable England! 

I was out in the UAE visiting my boyfriends family who live there, being showed round the place where he grew up was just amazing. 

So I want to share with you what I have been up to, there may be a few posts about this (i can't cram everything in to the same one - it would be the longest blog post ever!) 

We made our way to
 London Heathrow - lugging very heavy bags (and yes mine was the heaviest!) through the underground. The plane we flew on was brand new type which has two floors! (Yes the plane has an upstairs!). The seats had mini TV's in with SO many films and TV programmes, so we put some films on and ate plenty of food and drink - it was free so why not?! 

All ready to get on the plane!

We landed in Dubai and then had a long drive back to the house during sunrise (Which was beautiful to see over the skyline!), grabbed a few hours sleep then headed into the pool! 

I loved waking up to this every morning! 

On the first day we went to a place called Emerites Palace.  The whole inside is gold plated and all the chandeliers are made from Diamonds and Crystal. 
Were in there somewhere!

The outside of the Palace 

The whole place was so beautiful and was speechless on the way round. It is also were parts of fast & furious 7 were filmed and we were lucky enough to see some of the cars they use in the film!! I'm not a big car person - but even I can appreciate these! (We were very interested to know what was under the covered one!)

With very hungry bellies, we couldn't wait to head for Lunch, so we were taken to a proper arabic restaurant and ate some gorgous arab food!

Getting very hungry just looking at this!!

You will have to read the next one to find out what we did next, but here is a sneak peak photo from the next post! 

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