Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Long distance relationship survival

Whenever someone asks and they find out i'm in a long distance relationship, their first reaction is to make a sound and look at me like I have gone crazy and say things like 'oh I bet that's hard!'. Well yes it is hard, but it gets easier by you working at it and doing certain things to help it along. I have come up with a list of my top 5 ways on how to survive a long distance relationship! 

1. Contact:
I think this may be the most important one. Keeping in contact. Try and talk to each other at least once a day. The occasional text conversation is great but its also nice to hear your other half speak to you directly and know that their full attention is on you. The invention of Skype and Face-time is the best thing ever to happen to long distance relationships. Even when there not in the same room, you can feel as though they are for a short amount of time. You can fill them in on all the ups and downs of your day. After a Skype session with my boyfriend I always feel 100% better about everything! 

2. Set dates and plans:
Another very important one! Make sure you set dates of when your next going to see each other again. I found a quote once saying 'Missing someone is hard, but not knowing when your going to see each other again is even harder' and this definitely sums up long distance. It is so important to make sure you know when you can next see each other and count down the days. It means that you have something to look forward to. Making plans for when you do see each other is also just as important. Whether it be cuddling on the sofa with a film and chocolate, or going out for a meal - just make sure you have planned something. There is nothing worse than both sitting there on your phones not doing anything and feel like your wasting time together!

3. Something to remember 
For Christmas I got bought the most gorgeous teddy ever - named William. He is something to cuddle and remind me of my boyfriend (I also did the usual girlfriend thing and stole a hoodie too!). They both have a spray of my favorite smelling aftershave of his, to make it extra special. My advice is to definitely get something that both of your can have to remind you of each other.Even if it is just having pictures of each other on the walls. 

4. Never go to bed on an argument 
Having arguments is never easy. But when your not together and you argue, you can't 'kiss and make up' properly. I find that you tend to argue more when your not together because for some reason you brain says 'your not with him, so lets argue more!'. My advice would be, never go to bed on an argument. There is nothing worse than spending the night not being able to sleep because your thinking about arguing. So be sure that you are made up and happy again before the night is over, you will feel much better!

5. Stay positive
Now I must admit I am the worst at doing this! Not for thinking the relationship won't last, but more for saying things like 'we aren't going to see each other for ages' or 'This is so hard'. My boyfriend is constantly saying to me to 'stop being such a pessimist'. or 'stop being so negative'. I just find it very hard to stay positive when you have been put into a situation that you have no control over changing. One thing I find really useful is thinking about how grateful and thankful for having someone like this in my life. I simply have to look at the picture on my wall or a silly snapchat to remind myself that although we live over 100 miles away from each other, we are still very happy!

So that is my top 5 tips! I think with all of these things together any long distance relationship can work. But remember... It can only survive if you both want it too. You both need to put effort in to work at it! 

"Distance means so little, when someone means so much"

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