Monday, 3 March 2014

Progress Report!

Since going live with my fundraising page and the blog on Saturday afternoon, the response has been overwhelming! By the afternoon of the following day, I had reached 50% of my £200 target. Both friends and family have donated, all leaving good luck messages and others to say how they had been affected by Macmillan cancer support too. 

One of my closest friends from school who I have know since the age of 7, donated and left me this message, showing to everyone how long I have been growing it and how much having long hair means to me! 

A comment from a close friend of mine, showing
how much my long hair means to me!!
I was out shopping with a friend and my phone kept going off saying I had emails and every time I looked, there was another donation. I can't believe the amount I have raised so far!

So I decided to raise my target from the original £200 to £300 and see how far towards that I can reach. The closer I get, the more I will raise it and I am currently 36% towards the new target!

Percentage raised since moving my target!
If you haven't done so already please share the link to my fundraising page and also to the blog. On my blog home page, there is a fast 'just giving' button. This will take you straight to the link to donate. Even if it is only a pound, every little really does help!

Donate & Share!

"The capacity to care is the think which gives life it's deepest significance"

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