Sunday, 23 March 2014

Shopping haul!

So on Tuesday I got the pleasure of dragging my boyfriend around Meadowhall in Sheffield (but to be fair we spent most of the time looking for things for him!) 

The main purpose was the buy a few things for our upcoming trip to Abu Dhabi and that is exactly what I did! I thought I would do my first haul blog and show you what I bought, where from and how much!

First up is nail varnish. I wanted a colour that was summery, but one that was subtle and could go with anything. I tried a few different brands on my nails, but couldn't find one that I liked and that seemed to dry well. 

Seventeen Gel Colour Varnish  - After spending about 10 minutes walking round the nail varnishes in boots, I eventually found this one. It is from a boots own brand called 'Seventeen'. I have had some products from there before, but usually there nail varnish doesn't stay on very well. They have re-branded their varnishes and added a new 'Gell' range and they are amazing! The range of colours is fantastic. I put it on straight after I got home and the quality is so good! It goes on really easy and I found that two coats created great coverage (I think one would look good if you needed a quick application). 
The colour I eventually settled on is called 'Mint BON BON'. As it suggests its a mint green, which really goes with anything! They cost £3.99, which I think is great value and boots had an offer on with 3 for 2 on all make up and nail products so be quick and the offer could still be on!
Check out the rest of seventeens products on the boots website here

Leather Strap Sandals - I had been eyeing up this product on the new look website for a while and wanted to see what they looked like on and they were perfect! They are genuine real leather too, which ensures they will last through a lot of wear, plus when they cost just £12.99 I couldn't say no! I fell in love with the light blue colour (which is the one I bought) but they do 5 other colours as well including black and red.
I love the layout of the straps and how they go around your foot and ankle and am very much looking forward to wearing these on holiday. 
If you want to view them online find them here. 

Casual t-shirts - I wanted to get some loose tops to keep me nice and cool during not just holiday, but during the summer (if the rain ever stops!). When I am looking for a cheap everyday clothes, or something that I don't mind getting ruined, I will always go to primark, it's cheap and some times you go in and can great bargains. I bought 3 t-shirts ranging from £2 - £4 in three different colours - pastel blue, green and grey. I think they are perfect to just quickly throw on with some shorts and sunglasses. Plus i'm not going to be too bothered if I get sun-cream on them or have to throw them away  - they only cost a few pound!
Primark doesn't have a website, but everywhere seems to have a shop somewhere, so although I can't link you to it, i'm sure you can find them!

VO5 Shampoo & Conditioner - I wanted to buy some cheap, yet lovely smelling Shampoo and Conditioner to use throughout my holiday. I went into Superdrug to see what was on offer and I was not disappointed by what they had! As well as the product I bought, they had my favorite hair range ever... Aussie!! This was on offer of 2 for £7, but I opted the try something different and a little cheaper. I saw these V05 products - and although I have never used them before - I have heard some great things about it. They were on an incredible offer of just £1.97!!! My main tick box for hair products was the smell. I wanted something that had a really strong lovely smell that would also make my hair feel great. Out of the whole range, I opted for the 'Give Me Moisture' selection as I want my hair to still be in a good condition under the hot sun. I am very much looking forward to using this very soon! 

To view more VO5 products or see what else superdrug has on offer click here

So that was a selection of my shopping trip, I hope you found it useful! 

What things have you been purchasing recently?

"The quickest way to know a woman is to go shopping with her"


  1. wow i didnt know seventeen had a nail color line, thats cute :) lately ive been purchasing some beauty products online but i still dont have them yet lol, need to wait around 15 days before it gets shipped here since i live in Asia :)

    1. Yeah, they have just re-branded their products and the varnishes are so much better! Oh, wow! I would be very impatient! I have just ordered a new foundation brush from a brand called LyDia... Should be here in the next few days, very excited to use it! :)

  2. I love that Green nail colour, Great price for the quality of it as well.
    P.s I absoloutly love the Vo5 hair range! xx

    1. It is a lovely colour! I think it works really well for both summer & Spring! :)

      I have never tried VO5 before, so am super excited to use it!

  3. Looks like you got some lovely things love the sandals
    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

    1. The sandals are great! I love the way the straps look around my foot & ankle! :)

  4. Those sandals are so cute! I've been after a minty polish, how does it hold out? x

    1. Yeah the sandals were lovely! They went with so many outfits anf were dead comfy!

      The nail polish is amazing! It didn't chip for ages and just gave great coverage. I would certainly recommend it! xx